#smile found this note from @soundcloud, made my day! (Taken with Instagram)

#smile found this note from @soundcloud, made my day! (Taken with Instagram)

What are your favorite sounds on the ‘cloud ?
I really love hearing environmental recordings, things like birds chirping, city sounds (except busses), that sort of thing. I always find that it’s like the difference between reading a book and watching the movie — I get to imagine what the other senses might experience for that scene instead of just being shown.

What is your favorite sound?
I’m pretty biased, but at the moment my favourite sound is my daughter laughing. There’s nothing quite like hearing someone laugh, especially your own kids.

Great morning session with Matt Blumberg. Such a nice and generous person!

If you listen to one thing today this should be it!


One Hello World’s 100th Track: He Writes Music to Voicemails

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Snoop wants YOU to rap/sing on this one right here.